One Word 2013 Revive

one word 2013 revive

My word for 2013 year is REVIVE. I’ve got a list filled with lots of ideas for revive and one of them is to revive CRUSH–the past couple of years I’ve gotten a bit off track. I’ve volunteered uncountable hours at my son’s school, his swim team and even served as President of our local Education Foundation….all good but never less, I got off track.

So 2013 is all about getting back on track…REVIVE the business, REVIVE old friendships, REVIVE my fitness, REVIVE my life!

As I started to brainstorm how to REVIVE the business, I came up with all kinds of crazy ideas and then finally I realized it was sitting right in front of me!

Since we own a graphic design studio, we have the design ability to create anything…we have the equipment to produce all kinds of cool products….and I’m hooked into the ONE WORD idea hard this year…so ONE WORD STUFF was born! Our first item we are producing is ONE WORD SHIRTS with more to come.

Hope our stuff keeps you motivated with your word…be sure to let us know if you think of other ideas for our product lines! We are also looking for designers to help us design ONE WORD SHIRTS…let us know if you are interested.

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