Happy 100 Birthday to the Tshirt

The T-shirt is 100 years old. Not a specific moth-eaten shirt in the back of a closet — the concept of garment itself turns 100 this year.

The top non-work attire in the U.S. first appeared in 1913 as a U.S. Navy-issued crewneck to be worn under sailors’ uniforms.

Although the concept is simple, T-shirts have changed over the last century. The modern T-shirt was born in 1932 when University of Southern California athletic officials, to stem thefts of the team’s practice T-shirts worn under the football uniforms, stenciled “Property of USC” on the school’s shirts. The move inadvertently made them even more popular to pilfer.

In fact, the number of custom-printed T-shirts today in the U.S. is triple the nation’s population.

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